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USA Investment Properties

The Property Market Recession in the USA has opened various areas of opportunities in the Residential and Commercial Property market. Today you can still purchase USA Investment property at a fraction of the price, This has given Investor's  opportunities from all over the world for a way into the USA REO and Bank Owned Foreclosure property Investment market.

Rainbow USA Group Australia & LLC  is family owned and operated. Rainbow CEO Wendel Wood has been working in the USA Real Estate Market for the last 17 years going back and forth between the US and Australia. Wendel Wood has been buying and selling USA Investment Properties for International Clients over these years. Spending 6 to 8 months of the year working in the local USA Real Estate Market from Texas New York State to now Detroit. 

Since moving  business from Cheektowaga New York State nearl 5 years ago to concentrate in Detroit Michigan and surrounding Counties we have excelled for Investors Locally and Internationally , We have committed USA Real Estate Agents Licensed and Insured Lawrence Isle from Realty Flo, Accountant Halpin Tax Accountant  , Attorney Gary Sergatti, Insurance Agent Andrew Muma  and Hardiman Constructions Company which is Licensed and Insured Company This will benefit our clients. As of now all our renovations and maintenance will be "in house" and transparent to the client. 

Buying USA Property

                                      "Rainbow Lives and Works where we Invest"

My philosophy is we live and work where we invest which makes for a better understanding of the local Real Estate Property market.
"A Person who states ,  I spent 3 weeks in the US and went to 8 Cities and he is now a US property expert! Hmmm. And no doubt there are some quick learners out there"

hose types of Online Internet Companies actually buy the properties from the Banks and re sell to Investor's at huge profits. That's fine!  But its how they go about selling the properties to the Investor. The Investor is than left to fend for themselves. Again this is why we have excelled for Clients we are there on the ground. Taking care of business "your business".

Buying USA Investment Properties

"Rainbow shows you how simple it is In Plain old English"

Buying USA Properties isn't as complicated as people may think, In reading some of these websites that sell USA Investment Properties it becomes quite confusing with the amount of excess reading, I can see why it is confusing. Rainbow will show you how easy it is to acquire REOs and Bank Foreclosure Properties minus the Jargon. Plain old English.

         Buying USA Property
     " For the first time can be a little daunting Rainbow Guides you all the way"

  • If you are a first time USA Investment Property Buyer go to Services
  • Once you have gone through the process of setting up your USA Company and Bank Account we  than  look for  properties.
  • Rainbow will identify properties for Investors. This may take a couple of weeks for research. We have a specific criteria we have in place.
  • REO's Occupied Bank Owned and Bank Foreclosure's properties. Our preference is Occupied REO's properties.
  • We do area drive by's of street's surrounding the property, We target areas of good standing. Example
  • We target area's of higher income, We look for Block improvements, Renovations happening in the area , home owners moving in. We talk with the neighbors. These are the little things that we consider make for good local knowledge and consideration for investment areas.
Wendel Wood CEO of Rainbow USA Group LLC
USA Investment Properties
Join me in Detroit Michigan and start your Investment Property Portfolio now.

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Current Updates 1/01/2014

  • Detroit -- Voters today elected its first white Mayor in 40 years to help lead the City out of Bankruptcy. Both candidates are Democrats. The City of Detroit is 83 percent African American. Read More Huffington Post

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  • Magic Johnson Group OK’d For Fairgrounds Development Deal  NewsDetroit Free Press
  • $300m Federal Funding for Detroit Blight and Safety.  CBS Local News
  • Meijers $20m Shopping Mall Opens on the 8 Mile more than 1200 jobs MLive News
  •  New Bridge Detroit to Canada 12 thousand New Jobs and 31 thousand indirect Jobs.     CBS Local News
  • New Railway Detroit to Chicago $196M and New Employment Yahoo News

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Wholes House Packages

Whole House Packages are available. Please inquire. We have Packages Starting 

  4 Houses @ $38,500
10 Houses @ $85,000
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Sold on Quit Claim Deeds
All Free and Clear of Liens.

Chinese Investors are spend Millions of Dollars in the USA
Right now, Chinese investors see the U.S. as a bargain following the worst foreclosure crisis since the Great Depression.  In fact, some cities and towns across the country are cheaper than properties in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Home prices in the U.S., coupled with economic uncertainties and tight regulations designed to curb a housing bubble in China, are driving record Chinese investments in the U.S. residential and commercial real estate markets, according to the Asia Society, a multinational think tank with offices throughout the U.S. and Asia Pacific.

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